CMMS Software

100% turnkey Computerized Maintenance Management System that can be deployed in less than 6 months. A CMMS is used to administer work orders, track spare parts inventories, and centralized maintenance and failure data by maintainable asset, such as vehicles, facilities, machines, and real property assets.

The Asset Metrics Hub, as a standalone CMMS, comes configured with a complete asset hierarchy for each of your asset classes, failure mode libraries, and preventive maintenance procedures to inspect, detect, or correct each failure mode.

Easily track asset age, location, and warranty information. With our flexible digital forms builder, create custom inspection checklist and data collection templates. Generate picklists to facilitate spare parts kitting in any storeroom.

Preventive Maintenance

Digitize preventive maintenance task plans and create custom alerts to trigger corrective maintenance.


Work Management

Initiate, plan, schedule, and execute work orders. Assign maintenance job plans, predefined MRO pick lists, and craft codes to automate work planning. Real-time data collection using our Smart Field Forms integration.


Data Models

Select from our library of failure modes, failure causes, and asset data transformations to trigger alerts and automate workflow decisions.

Asset Management

Plug-n-play asset classes and parent/child structures to capture data at the maintainable components.

Ready to streamline maintenance operations?